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Pickup only. Due to the vulnerability of the box and the beer, this item will not be shipped.

This is a box-set of one of our most wanted beers, the Russian Imperial Barrel Aged Christmas stout.
Once a year, between Christmas and New Year’s Eve, we brew an extraordinary version of our prizewinning Imperial Stout especially for our finely selected barrels.
A project we started in 2014, that has brought us many successes, including gold medals in competitions all over the world.

Since 2017, we release multiple, completely different single cask R.I.B.A.C.S. which allows us to show you the influence that each unique barrel can have on the final product. Before we sourced them, these barrels were handpicked by master distillers for their exceptional taste making them unacceptable for blending. Instead, each barrel was introduced as a single cask.
Join us in an exploration of flavours you may never have experienced, and due to their single cask nature, will never experience again.

This year, we release two completely different editions in a nice 4-pack:

Speyside edition

The Speyside of Scotland contains the highest concentration of distilleries of all popular whisky regions. Each of these, normally very old businesses, has their own processes, raw material specifications and techniques.
This allows us to pick a mix of eccentric distillates with unique flavour profiles whilst sharing a smooth, silky whisky character.
The set contains whisky of all ages, with the youngest at 7 years, and the oldest at 31 years. You will find more information on each barrel inside this package.
Find a quiet moment to savour what Speyside can bring you, and enjoy!

Explorer edition

There are many different types of distillates, each with their own water, sugar source, fermentation technique and distillation processes.
In this set, you will find four vastly distinct barrel aged beers. From the high mountains of Scotland to the southern rum regions, these beers take you on a journey across the world to experience the special distillates of different countries.
We have distilled our own knowledge of the distinct processes to help you on your way.
Enjoy the character of years of unique evolution of distilled beverages and its influence on our imperial stout.