Crooked Spider Brewing

Wassenaar's craft beer

At Crooked Spider we aspire to brew tasty beers that are unlike any others. Or, as we like to call it:

Distinctly different & exciting flavours.

The "International series" brings tastes from far away to our brewery. Expect bold outspoken flavours inspired by international beer styles.
Closer to home, we find inspiration for our "Wassenaar series", containing classical beer styles with a twist. We name these beers after natural reserves in Wassenaar.
In the centre of the web, the Crooked Spider keeps its best prizes. Our "Brewer's favourites" include the rare and unique beers in which we search for thrilling new flavours. Often containing new and limited ingredients, these successful experiments might never be recreated.
Because we love brewing so much, we also release beers that fit outside these series. For example collaboration brews, special barrels (like our R.I.B.A.C.S.), that sort of thing. 

The series

International series

Outspoken beers inspired by beers styles all over the world.


Wassenaar series

Locally inspired classical beer styles.


Brewer's favourites

Extraordinary one-offs


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