6-pack R.I.B.A.C.S. 2021

6-pack R.I.B.A.C.S. 2021

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R.I.B.A.C.S. 2021 is sold as a set of 6 unique barrels. Don't forget to add our special release: Glenrothes ’08 Oloroso aged. Which is only available at the brewery

R.I.B.A.C.S. 2021 – Dru 17 ‘15

12.9% abv. Barrel 32

Dru 17 contains barrels of whisky that are released without their own name. Hence, it is difficult to discover what barrel was used. The fruity nose and flavour nudges me towards a salty Highland whisky.
At the same time, the aroma reminds me of milkshake, there is a good dose of vanilla and strawberry.
A very interesting result from barrel ageing. What whisky do you think used to be in the barrel?

R.I.B.A.C.S. 2021 Jamaican Rum ‘07

14.4% abv. Barrel unknown

Jamaican rum is known to be unique from other rums. The expected sweet and fruity fermentation of molasses takes a different turn on the island. The molasses are bought from a nationally organised cooperation. If this means you can taste the island in the barrel, you may judge for yourself.
Our barrel aged stouts on Jamaican rum have been amazing thus far.
Once more this year the sweetness passes through red fruit, candy and slightly alcoholic aroma's.

R.I.B.A.C.S. 2021 Teaninich ‘10

14.2% abv. Barrel 706509

A heavy hitter in this year's line-up. Teaninich is a highland distillery owned by Diageo which is normally blended to a brand we cannot place on our labels.
The nose gives a lot of alcoholic aroma, but with time the chocolate comes through. The flavour reminds mostly of saltiness and liqourice.
It's a R.I.B.A.C.S. that requires some TLC to warm up to you.

R.I.B.A.C.S. 2021 Rye Bourbon ’15

13.7% abv Barrel 15A10

Another barrel with an unknown heritage. We do know it used to contain rye-based bourbon and this is of course noticeable in the flavour. The sweetness in combination with the unique spiciness from rye makes it a very beautiful barrel to have aged on. The original stout remains strong without taking on too much of the sweetness of the bourbon.

R.I.B.A.C.S. 2021 Bunnahabhain Staoisha ‘13

14.1% abv Barrel 909

A uniquely peated barrel originating from the least peaty distillery of Islay. The Staoisha barrels are taken out of the rotation by independent bottlers to be released as single casks.
Be not mistaken, these barrels are definitely peated.
The R.I.B.A.C.S. is significantly enhanced by the peatiness but our base stout thankfully provides a good foundation so it is not too overpowering. Hence some liqourice notes seep through with the Imperial Stout that made it all possible underneath.

R.I.B.A.C.S. 2021 Isle of Jura ‘06

12.6% abv Barrel 0203077

The Island of Jura is one of the least populated islands of Scotland, but still they produce some amazing whisky. Which is to be expected when there are just as many distilleries as pubs (1).
Scottish Islands are normally known for their peaty whisky, but Jura produces whisky that is fruity as if it were a Highlander.
A very interesting barrel for ageing. The flavour of the island obviously comes through, but is hidden under red fruits. The stout remains flavourful and the beer finishes with a lot of tannic flavours.