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Crooked Spider
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 Crowdfunding '23 summary

We are looking to raise 25,000 - 50,000 euros with this fundraising.
It will be spent on:
Taproom in town
Sales and marketing, including salary
Working capital

Goodies with your investment:
2.5% credit.
Taproom: Every €500 gives €20 taproom credit. To be used in our new taproom, once it opens, within a period of 3 months. 
Merchandise: Every €500 gives €20 merchandise credit, to be used on our new shirts, hoodies etc. To be used in one year.


ps. please do not pay with creditcard because that costs us a lot of money!


Certificate of share C in Crooked Spider Brewing B.V.

Upon purchase a document will be set up, an example of which is added here.
For more questions please contact us.

Conditions as in Administratievoorwaarden.


Certificaat van aandeel C in Crooked Spider Brewing B.V.

Bij aankoop wordt het document zoals hier opgesteld.
Neem contact met ons op voor vragen.

Voorwaarden zoals omschreven in Administratievoorwaarden.